DIY Sheds

Sheds & Garage Kitsets for DIY Construction

Many of our customers choose to build their own Sheds / Garages.

We provide Shed Construction Instructions and there are instructional Videos to suit your shed type depending on what you want to build. 

A typical DIY Shed build for a 6m x 6m Shed, can be erected over 4-5 weekends for some Customers, but they will usually get external Contractors for their Concrete slabs depending on what Concrete Foundations are required.

The DIY projects are typically enjoyable for the Customers & the Fair Dinkum reps, so if you have any Questions that aren’t answered directly with the information on this page, please send us an Email & we’ll get someone knowledgable in touch with you & they’ll be happy to run through all the facets of your Project in advance.

Prepare slab or alternative footings
Construct Frames
Fix cladding
Stand & Brace walls
Drop in the Roof frames
Fix knee and apex braces, gable wall cladding and roof sheeting
Finish with flashings, cappings, downpipes and other finishing touches. Fix window frames & door frames