The hues of nature have determined our response to colour. Red-based tones remind us of sunshine, earth and fire — so we think of them as warm and inviting. Blues are considered cool and refreshing, greens are restful and reminiscent of leafy glades and luxuriant growth. Sand spans the colours of the seaside to the richer desert hues. There is also the comfort of the stone colours that offer security and strength.

To our personal preferences we add the ingredients of environment, situation and interaction of design when making a new roof colour choice. A Colorsteel Endura prepainted steel roof reflects these hues of nature. To the steel core of each Colorsteel Endura prepainted steel sheet, a remarkable coating called Zincalume has been applied. The zinc and aluminium in this Zincalume steel coating combine together to provide both stable corrosion protection overall and galvanic protection on cut edges. In conjunction with the primer and top paint coats, this means the investment in your new roof will be assured for many years to come.

Colorsteel Endura prepainted steel products can be used in all moderate to severe environmental conditions within New Zealand. For those very exposed coastal conditions or in very severe industrial or geothermal areas, please seek advice from your steel roofing supplier or New Zealand Steel.

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Colorsteel Endura

Endura product description

The Colorsteel Endura paint system consists of a Zincalume steel substrate to which a prepainted finish system is applied. The system is designed to provide protection against corrosion in areas where moderate to severe environmental conditions are experienced. The Colorsteel Endura product is suitable for a wide range of rollformed roof and wall claddings, rainwater accessories and general building products. The Colorsteel Endura paint system will exceed the service life of most traditional post painted systems.


Areas of Colorsteel Endura not regularly washed with rain water, such as wall claddings, unwashed areas and areas of high risk, must be routinely washed to remove surface deposits to ensure satisfactory life is obtained from the product. Specific maintenance recommendations are given in the table on the opposite page. Check guttering and downpipes regularly and remove any debris which may lead to ponding or flooding. Always wear soft soled shoes when walking on Colorsteel surfaces to avoid causing damage.



When rollformed, installed and maintained in accordance with New Zealand Steel’s recommendations, Colorsteel Endura prepainted steel is warranted by New Zealand Steel to meet the performance requirements of NZBC B2.3(c) for a 15 year durability when used for the manufacture of roof and wall claddings. Colorsteel Endura products are expected to fade uniformly over the surface, the extent being no more than 8 Hunterlab units on the Delta E scale, and have a chalk rating of s4 (AS 1580 481.1.11, 1998) after 10 years exposure.

For residential homes, New Zealand Steel warrants that, when used as a roofing product, Colorsteel Endura prepainted steel will not flake, peel or excessively fade within 15 years and will not perforate through corrosion within 15 years in severe environments and 30 years in moderate and inland exposures. For commercial buildings such as schools and warehouses, refer to New Zealand Steel for details of commercial warranties.

Limitations of use

Colorsteel Endura products are not recommended for use in very severe environments, i.e. within approximately 100m of breaking surf or corrosive industrial emissions. (Very severe marine environments are characterised by heavy salt spray in the air.) Refer to New Zealand Steel’s Environmental Categories Guide for further information on the definition of corrosive environments. (For very severe environments, Colorsteel Maxx material may be suitable). Before using Colorsteel Endura products near sources of industrial pollution or in geothermal areas, consult the Technical Market Manager, New Zealand Steel.

Colorsteel Endura products should not be used in the following applications:

  • Embedded in concrete
  • In contact with permanently wet materials
  • Water tanks
  • In contact with soil, bark or similar
  • As concrete formwork
  • In intensive animal shelters

Copper or brass pipes must not be allowed to dischange onto Colorsteel prepainted steel products or be allowed to come into contact with them. The use of other materials in proximity to Colorsteel perpainted steel products must be in accordance with the New Zealand Steel Specifiers and Builders Guide. Mixing of brands of prepainted material on the same building is not recommended by New Zealand Steel Limited.
The reaction between Zincalume steel and lead flashings will degrade the Zincalume steel material. Soft Zinc or aluminium flashings should be used. Marking with lead pencils is not advised, and sealing washers should be low carbon non-conducting. Refer to the New Zealand Steel Installers Guide under the ‘Marking, Cutting and Drilling’ section.

The Colorsteel Endura substrate is steel strip, commonly 0.40mm or 0.55mm thick and coated with a 45% zinc, 55% aluminium alloy to a nominal coating mass of 150g/m2 manufactured in accordance to AS1397:2001. A range of thicknesses, widhts and strengths are available. Following pretreatment, a corrosion inhibitive primer, and top coat is applied to the outer surface and a corrosion inhibitive primer and a backer to the reverse side. These coatings are oven cured to provide colour and corrosion performance.

Standard sizes (daylight openings):


Any combination of these sizes and other non-standard sizes are available.

Care and maintenance

To avoid the potential of corrosion affecting the roller door curtain be sure to wash with soapy water and a soft brush (rinse with clean water) at least three times a year. If your door is located close to the sea. geothermal or industrial areas your door should be cleaned more often. When cleaning pay particular attention to the curtain behind the lintel and over the top of the door roll. From time to time clean the inside of the side guides with a spirit cleaner and apply a dry silicone spray. DO NOT LUBRICATE WITH OIL OR GREASE.


Provided the door is installed in accordance with the instructions supplied, and that the maintenance advice is followed, the manufacturer warrants all parts and performance for a period of three years. Powder coated surfaces are excluded.


Zincalume and Colorsteel are registered trademarks of BHP New Zealand Steel Limited. The manufacturer reserves the right to alter product components and specifications without prior notification.

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